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Know if your invoice has been opened

Easily see whether your invoice has been received and read or if it failed to deliver.

Keep track of when invoices are due

Know how much is left to pay and how long past due it is.

See your monthly totals for the last year

Understand how your business performs throughout the year.

Easily compare this year to last year

Quickly see whether your business is performing better this year.

Track payments and sales tax on your invoices

Automatically add sales tax to invoices, and record payments made.

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Would recommend Simplybill to others.


Rated Simplybill 'Excellent' or 'Very Good' for ease of use.


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Rated Simplybill 'Good' or better for reliability.

Invoice anywhere

As Simplybill is cloud-based, this means you can access it anywhere, and it looks and works equally well on an iPad as it does on a Mac or PC.

Simple to include tax information

You can easily add a tax rate and label it according to the rules in your country (VAT, Sales Tax etc.).

We've got your back(up)

Being cloud-based means that your data isn't locked to one PC, it's held securely in the cloud. A robust back-up plan means we won't ever lose your data, and if you ever mistakenly delete an invoice, we can get it back for you!

What do I need to use Simplybill?

Being cloud-based, there's nothing to install and no server/platform requirements to worry about. You'll need a modern browser (such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari) to use Simplybill.

What about privacy and security?

We use the same level of security that on-line banks do - you'll notice all our pages are padlocked with a trustworthy security certificate. Online access to the service is restricted through password-protected pages and we will never sell, trade or share any of the data you enter into Simplybill. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details.
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